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Gallery Gold Guarantee

We know you will immediately see the workmanship and beauty that has established Luxaflex as a leading name in window fashions in Australia and around the world for over 65 years.

Because Luxaflex and your Window Fashions Gallery Dealer are committed to your satisfaction, in addition to our product Warranty, your new window fashions are also backed by our exclusive 20/20 Gallery Gold Guarantee.


Here’s how the 20/20 Gallery Gold Garantee works

Once the installation of your new internal window coverings is complete, we invite you to experience and enjoy them in your home for 20 days. At the end of this 20-day period, in the unlikely event you are not thoroughly satisfied with the way they visually enhance your home, you can contact your Luxaflex Window Fashions Gallery Dealer where you purchased your window coverings during the next 20 days.

They will make a one-time replacement of your window coverings with a Luxaflex product of equal or lesser value of your choice*. It’s that simple. Just complete the information on the following page and return it to your Dealer with your replacement choices.

Please keep this with your receipt and warranty documents, as this original proof of installation will be required for the 20/20 Gallery Gold Guarantee. Thank you for choosing Luxaflex and your Window Fashions Gallery Dealer.