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07 Sep 2022

5 ways window coverings can freshen-up your home for summer


If your home needs a facelift after a long, wet winter, window coverings can be a great place to start. While every home is unique, here are a few fresh options you may want to consider:

Give life to outdoor spaces with an awning

As the weather starts to warm up and the days get longer, the idea of using outdoor spaces becomes more enticing. However, without sufficient protection from the elements, outdoor spaces can often remain under-utilised.  

We offer a wide range of outdoor awnings to cover terraces, patios, verandas or decks. Luxaflex® Folding Arm Awnings are always a very popular option as they offer the ultimate in flexibility and control – and can be retracted when not in use. 

 If space is at a premium, or you’re looking for something a little different, you may want to consider a Luxaflex® Straight Drop Awning. Unlike traditional awnings which ‘float’ horizontally above a space, a straight-drop awning runs vertically – providing a shaded ‘wall’ for your outdoor spaces. 

 You can read more about Choosing the awning that’s right for your outdoor space.

Luxaflex® Folding Arm Awning
Luxaflex® Straight Drop Awning

Let air flow through your home with shutters

If your window coverings are looking a little dated – or you simply want to add more consistency throughout your home – Luxaflex® PolySatin® Plantation Shutters are a perfect place to start. A great benefit of shutters is that they can simultaneously let air flow through your interior spaces, while also effectively blocking the sun’s direct rays. This is perfect for keeping your home cool and breezy in the summer months. 

Luxaflex® PolySatin® Plantation Shutters are always popular due to their enduring style and durability. Due to the fact that they are impervious to moisture, and guaranteed not to blister, peel, flake, corrode or fade, they can also be used all throughout the entire home, including in wet areas. 

These shutters are also Australian made, and fully customisable – available in three shades of white. They’re made from an advanced polyresin compound that makes them durable and easy to clean. 

You can read more about the benefits of Luxaflex shutters here.

Luxaflex® PolySatin Shutters

Layer your living spaces for added style

A quick and easy way to freshen up your home’s interiors is with some smart and stylish layering. By adding a sheer curtain on top of blinds, for instance, you can instantly add a sense of luxury and sophistication. 

 “Layering window coverings with a soft sheer curtain adds a beautiful softness, movement and texture to the room,” says Neale Whitaker, Luxaflex Brand Ambassador. 

 Neale recommends starting with Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shadings or Luxaflex® Duette® Shades as the ‘base layer’, and then adding Luxaflex® Curtains to: 

  • Make a decorative statement
  • Add depth, dimension or drama
  • Frame the window to create an illusion of height
  • Add softness and warmth to the space. 

You can watch Neale share his thoughts on layering in this video.

Creating a layered look

Find smart, new ways to lower your cooling costs

As Australian summers get increasingly hotter and more humid, many people are seeking smart, new ways to keep their energy costs under control. Window coverings play a very important role in this. 

While all Luxaflex window coverings have been designed with energy efficiency and thermal control in mind, our Luxaflex® Duette® Shades are leading the way. These highly innovative shades have a unique honeycomb ‘cell’ structure that traps air and acts as an insulation barrier for windows.

The Luxaflex® Duette® Architella® range features a unique honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb cell construction which creates four fabric layers and three insulating pockets of air. These smart air pockets can reduce a home’s heating costs by up to 43%1

If you want to know more about how you can use Luxaflex window coverings to keep your home cool this summer, be sure to speak with a Luxaflex consultant

Luxaflex® Duette® Shades

Make the most of natural light

There’s nothing like natural light to make your home feel bright, fresh and breezy. Light-filled interiors also have several benefits for our wellbeing. According to the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association, sunlight can boost the brain’s release of serotonin, associated with boosting mood and helping us feel calm and focused, as well as help prevent and treat a range of diseases and conditions. It’s also vital in regulating our circadian rhythm – the body’s internal clock that signals when to be alert and when to rest. 

Updating your window coverings can play a central role in making the most of natural light in your home. This could involve: 

Want to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about how to freshen up your home with Luxaflex® window coverings this summer, drop by a Luxaflex® showroom and speak with one of our expert consultants.  

1 Savings are based on the installation of fully-recessed, reveal-mounted Luxaflex® Duette® Architella® Shades with 20mm blockout fabric in an average home in Sydney, compared with the House Energy Rating standard of Holland Blinds from AccuRate, in that home. These calculations have been modelled by an independent third party. Savings will vary based on the window type and installation.

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